Brian’s Art

Before there was a Daily Audio Bible, before the WindFarm, before there was a manuscript or a church I made my living creating.  In many ways that hasn’t changed.  It’s just been re-purposed.  In my “former” life I produced records primarily.  I was a studio musician and engineer who (over many years) developed enough clients to be able to create in many disciplines.  I became a “communications artist.”  As I’ve migrated away from the commercial music world and deeper into becoming the leader of the Daily Audio Bible, a writer, speaker and pastor I’ve brought most of these gifts along.  The irony of not having to be in the deeply competitive world of entertainment is that I’ve remembered why I loved to create in the first place.

While putting this site together to better represent who I am now I had to look at my previous website and decide if it was time to completely retire the showcasing of what I once did every single day and that didn’t feel right because I still do these things.  I still mix records when something comes along that I fall in love with to keep my chops up.  I still take photographs and capture moments in time that I don’t want to forget and I still do a ton of video and design work.  Everything that the DAB, WindFarm, Four Winds Mission and associated ministries looks and feels like are things that I’ve used the gifts God has allowed me to cultivate to create.  So I’ve included some of the creative part of my life here for those who might be interested in it.